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We cover a lot of topics here at Art 2 Ride. Feel free to browse our blog post categories here. Just click on the topic you’re interested in and you’ll see all the video blog posts we’ve made about that.

Video Critiques

Art 2 Ride offers it’s video critique services to website visitors. In these videos, Will Faerber provides running audio commentary on all aspects of dressage for the horse being shown. We then post them here to Art 2 Ride for the benefit of all our visitors.

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Full Length Training Sessions

As you’ve seen, we have a great deal of content here at Art 2 Ride. Click the link below to see a complete list of all of our full length training sessions.

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Our Horses

We take care of several horses at Art 2 Ride and we meticulously document their progress as we work with them. Take a look at each horses’ individual videos by clicking a name below.









See specific video tutorials that explain common dressage techniques in detail. We cover a wide range of topics here on Art 2 Ride so take a look at everything we have to offer.


Correcting Overflexion

Educating the Rider’s Eye


Leg Yield

Long Reining



Saddle Fitting

Seat and Aids


Starting Young Horses



Work in Hand

Will Faerber’s Book Club

Click the link below to see video excerpts from Will Faerber’s book club.

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Art2Ride Associate Trainer Program

Click the link below to see video submissions from up and coming Art2Ride Associate Trainers.

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World Dressage Federation Dressage Tests

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From the Blog!

Join me as I post weekly blogs covering many topics relating to Classical Foundation Training. I have intentionally left out the word "dressage" because many people have a negative association with the prevalent "crank and spank" approach or that it is a sport for only those who are afraid to jump.

Dressage as it is meant to be is an understanding of how to best optimize a horse's movement and ability to carry a rider, surely a benefit for any horse, any discipline. It is also important in maintaining your horse's safety, soundness and sanity.

Art2Ride Associate Trainer Program: Virginia and Toby Submission 1

Art2Ride Associate Apprentice Virginia discusses her ongoing training with her horse Toby.

Amber and Perhaps: Foundation Level 1 Test 5

Amber and Perhaps demonstrate the World Dressage Federation Foundation Level 1 Test 5. Will Faerber comments on test.

Art2Ride Associate Trainer Program: Cherisse LaSalle Submission 3

Art2Ride Associate Trainer Cherisse discusses her ongoing progress with her horse Charlie.