Amber and Legolas Demonstrate Collection 1

Posted on 8th August, by Admin in Blog. 5 Comments

Amber and Legolas Demonstrate Collection 1

San Diego Horse Trainer Will Faerber from Art2Ride discusses collection and Amber and Legolas demonstrate the collection.

5 responses to “Amber and Legolas Demonstrate Collection 1”

  1. Judi Coccimiglio says:

    Do you have any clinics in Northern California in the near future?

    • Kali says:

      All upcoming clinics are posted on the website under the clinics tab as well as on our Facebook page 🙂

    • Kali says:

      Hi Judi –
      Yes, Karen gives some regular clinics in the Napa Valley area several times a year. There was one this month and it is looking like she will be back in October around the 20th. They are held at the Equitopia Center in Cornelius and if you want to visit their site at they will put you on the email list. It is either a two or three day clinic, would love to meet you hope you can make it to one of them!

  2. Judi Coccimiglio says:

    Also,how much do you charge for training?

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