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Art2Ride Lesson: Kristen & Contigo

11th January

Art2Ride Lesson with Kristen and Contigo.

Contigo: Last A.I. Breedings Available

25th October

The last breedings that will ever be available from this great stallion are being offered by his owner who will make a sizable donation to our Art 2 Ride video and scholarship fund.

Contigo After Injury

28th April

Hi this is Will Faerber from Art2Ride and today I wanted to give you an update on Contigo who we have featured in previous videos such as the Piaffe. Contigo is 21 years old now and we started rehabbing him at 16. About 6 months ago, Contigo was in his stall almost paralyzed and couldn’t lift his head off the ground. Kristen has done an amazing job rehabbing him!

Contigo had an old break in his neck where he had previously been draw-reined to death, which was treated by a veterinarian and a chiropractor. But look at this horse now. He had never been ridden much until he was 16 years old because he was always unsound in his feet. Now he is 21 years old and is doing absolutely beautifully! We are sure he has many many years ahead of …

Contigo: 20 Year Old Stallion

8th October

Good morning this is Will Faerber from Art2Ride and I am here with my wife Karen and the horse Contigo.

Contigo is a Holsteiner stallion who unfortunately developed a foot infection when he was very young, so he was never really able to train more than a couple months before his feet would blow apart. We have been rehabbing him for about three years now with many thanks to our Master farrier Kenny Lyon (who I will do another video on next time he is here explaining the process he has gone through with him).  This horse is now going to be twenty years old this year! After three years of rehabbing, he is back to looking like a four year old. He is going absolutely beautifully, stretching into the contact as you can see there, and look how his back end is moving.

When we started …

From the Blog!

Join me as I post weekly blogs covering many topics relating to Classical Foundation Training. I have intentionally left out the word "dressage" because many people have a negative association with the prevalent "crank and spank" approach or that it is a sport for only those who are afraid to jump.

Dressage as it is meant to be is an understanding of how to best optimize a horse's movement and ability to carry a rider, surely a benefit for any horse, any discipline. It is also important in maintaining your horse's safety, soundness and sanity.

Barb and Perhaps: WDF Foundation Level 1 Test 4

Barb and Perhaps demonstrate the World Dressage Federation Foundation Level 1 Test 4 with Will’s commentary.

Amber and Legolas: WDF Foundation Level 1 Test 6

San Diego Horse Trainer Will Faerber from Art2Ride discusses the world dressage federation level 1 test 6. Amber and Legolas Demonstrate.

Video Critique: Julie and Barbie Submission 1

San Diego Horse Trainer Will Faerber from Art2Ride discusses the video sent in by Julie and gives suggestions for further improvement.

**Correction, the Clinic Will...