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Bobbie and Leo: Student Update 2

12th September

Good morning this is Will Faerber from Art2Ride. Today I am showing you an update on Bobbie and her horse, who you can view in a previous video as well. He was an out of control Arab and Bobbie has been working with him for about a year now, and she is doing absolutely wonderful!

In the video, Bobbie demonstrates a leg yield. Bobbie has done most of the work on this horse herself with me coming about once a week. She has another trainer here as well that has just started to help her ride him a little bit. But she has done basically most of the work herself, and she has done a wonderful job! She has taken this horse from an unrideable lunatic to what you see here today! He was misunderstood and never received a good foundation. …

Leg Yield

19th June

Good morning this is Will Faerber from Art2Ride with my lovely wife Karen and our horse Zoolander. Today, in the following video we are going to talk about the first and preliminary foundation exercise of classical dressage, and that is the leg yield…

Clinic in Guadalajara: 7

25th February

Good afternoon this is Will Faerber again at the Guadalajara Country Club working with Masha again on another Spanish Sport Horse. Masha has had this horse for about two years. As you can see, this horse is behind the vertical with a old break in the third vertebrae.

We are trying to get him to stretch his head and neck out, which you have seen in many of our other videos. Some people think that these Spanish horses with high necks need to be ridden with their neck high all the time, nothing could be further from the truth. Friesians especially tend to hollow their backs more easily than any other horses I’ve ever seen. We see a lot of people buy them thinking that they are great and not realizing how weak they are in the back.

When we first started …

Correcting the Overflexion In the Horse’s Neck

5th January

This video is about Correcting the overflexion in the horse’s neck.

Dave Murphy and Zoe: Update 3

25th October

Good afternoon this is Will Faerber from Art2Ride and I thought I would give you a little update on Dave Murphy because we have gotten to a good place with her. Dave has been working with me once a week for a little over eight months. As you all have seen, Dave has learned to lunge his horse correctly and has come a long way!

When Dave first started riding this horse, the thing that I was immediately struck by was how uncomfortable she was carrying his weight. This horse really needed to work to build up enough strength to carry him. She certainly is big enough to carry him once she has been conditioned. What I wanted to point out today was how lovely and free her walk has become! I am no longer seeing the horse struggling to carry …

From the Blog!

Join me as I post weekly blogs covering many topics relating to Classical Foundation Training. I have intentionally left out the word "dressage" because many people have a negative association with the prevalent "crank and spank" approach or that it is a sport for only those who are afraid to jump.

Dressage as it is meant to be is an understanding of how to best optimize a horse's movement and ability to carry a rider, surely a benefit for any horse, any discipline. It is also important in maintaining your horse's safety, soundness and sanity.

Barb and Perhaps: WDF Foundation Level 1 Test 4

Barb and Perhaps demonstrate the World Dressage Federation Foundation Level 1 Test 4 with Will’s commentary.

Amber and Legolas: WDF Foundation Level 1 Test 6

San Diego Horse Trainer Will Faerber from Art2Ride discusses the world dressage federation level 1 test 6. Amber and Legolas Demonstrate.

Video Critique: Julie and Barbie Submission 1

San Diego Horse Trainer Will Faerber from Art2Ride discusses the video sent in by Julie and gives suggestions for further improvement.

**Correction, the Clinic Will...