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Dave Murphy and Zoey

12th November

Hello this is Will Faerber from Art2Ride here with Dave Murphy and his horse Zoey. As you probably remember from previous videos, Zoey started over a year ago as a very over-reactive Arab who would be very difficult to even get out by the rail at home and would freak about every car going by. She is coming along beautifully and is starting to swing.

We came to realize after watching Zoey in the beginning that she would get sore in the feet. I just wanted to warn people at home that barefoot shoeing is a wonderful thing if it works for your horse, but it takes a long long time and it doesn’t work with some of them at all. Zoey is going along much better now that we had front shoes put on. She is staying sound and it …

Shoeing: The Mystery of the Break Over

24th July

Good morning this is Will Faerber from Art2Ride and today I am here with Master Farrier Kenny Lyon, who does all of our horses and who you’ve seen in some of our other videos. We are going to do an update on Bailador. If you all remember, when Bailador came to us his feet were in really bad shape. It’s been about 6 months time now, so Kenny Lyon will show us what is improved and where to go from here.

New Project: Zoolander 30 Days

14th July

This is Will Faerber from Art2Ride and I am here with my lovely wife Karen Loshbaugh riding our new project horse who we have named Zoolander! Thanks again to all of you who sent in names for him! We wanted to give you another update. This is 30 days in and we have corrected his shoeing and saddle fit and he has had 30 days of working over his back.

We think you will see a big difference! As Karen takes him down the long side, look how nicely this horse is beginning to swing through his back. He has a lovely big stride! Now that he is beginning to engage, we see how beautiful this horse is capable of moving. Remember folks, this was basically a rescue horse! Look how beautiful he is capable of moving!

Warmbloods are almost becoming like …

New Project: Correcting the Feet

20th June

Will Faerber discusses with Master Ferrier Kenny lyon our new project’s feet and what should be done about them.

From the Blog!

Join me as I post weekly blogs covering many topics relating to Classical Foundation Training. I have intentionally left out the word "dressage" because many people have a negative association with the prevalent "crank and spank" approach or that it is a sport for only those who are afraid to jump.

Dressage as it is meant to be is an understanding of how to best optimize a horse's movement and ability to carry a rider, surely a benefit for any horse, any discipline. It is also important in maintaining your horse's safety, soundness and sanity.

Barb and Perhaps: WDF Foundation Level 1 Test 4

Barb and Perhaps demonstrate the World Dressage Federation Foundation Level 1 Test 4 with Will’s commentary.

Amber and Legolas: WDF Foundation Level 1 Test 6

San Diego Horse Trainer Will Faerber from Art2Ride discusses the world dressage federation level 1 test 6. Amber and Legolas Demonstrate.

Video Critique: Julie and Barbie Submission 1

San Diego Horse Trainer Will Faerber from Art2Ride discusses the video sent in by Julie and gives suggestions for further improvement.

**Correction, the Clinic Will...